Raf Van Puymbroeck is MR Gay Europe 2016

Raf Van Puymbroeck (22) from Belgium has become in the Norwegian village Oppdal Mister Gay Europe 2016. Second place is for Joni George Valdares (28) from England. For Third place is for Danni Arndt Sigen (29) from Denmark.

"I feel great. I want to thank everyone," said an emotional Raf Van Puymbroeck. "It was a fantastic experience. I want to inspire people. I weel work."

  Raf has already agreed to help each other with his fellow candidates, for example, by going to each GayPrides. "I want to inspire people, I want to be a role model. Even though I'm only 22 years." Raf is a lecturer in sport and exercise at the Thomas More Institute in Turnhout.

Raf continued with his participation on sport and diversity on the agenda, because internationally there needs much effort to promote the overall acceptance of LGBTI athletes and athletes. "Within the diversity aspect I want to continue focusing on LGBT refugees and improved and evolved transgender legislation," said Mister Gay Belgium organizer Bram Bierkens (29) at the start of the race week.

In addition to the grand prize are awarded in Norway by-prices

Winner sports: Joni George Valdares (England); Mister Likeable: Paul Davies (Wales); Most online vote: Andrzej Mountain (Poland); Social media award: Paul Davies (Wales); Mister Photogenic: Sergio Díaz Rullo Brasero (Spain); Best video: Raf Van Puymbroeck (Belgium); First written test: Dimitar Dimitrov (Bulgaria);

It was not a show with dance and music as we are used to Mister contests. It was a gala dinner. "Mister Gay Europe is not a competition to find out who is the most beautiful gay man of Europe, but a search for an LGBT ambassador," said director Stuart Hatton Jr.

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